May 30, 2024

Founded by visionary activists Dedan Gills and Belvie Rooks, Growing A Global Heart is an organization with a profound mission: to heal and empower communities impacted by injustice through an innovative approach they call “Green Recovery.” At its core, Growing A Global Heart is dedicated to transforming blighted urban landscapes and fostering a dialogue that nurtures both individual and community well-being.

Their ambitious vision is as meaningful as it is transformative. They aspire to plant one million trees along the poignant paths of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Route and the Underground Railroad. This living memorial not only honors the millions of lives lost during the slave trade but also combats climate change, which disproportionately affects African communities. Each tree stands as a silent witness to history, a tribute to ancestors denied dignity in life and death.

Growing A Global Heart’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that while we all bear wounds, we can choose healing over harm. Through their tree-planting efforts, they offer a dual salve: healing our planet and paying homage to a painful past. They also champion African-inspired sustainable solutions, empowering communities to chart their own course towards recovery and resilience.

The organization extends an invitation to us all: join them in realizing a vision of healing and remembrance. By planting trees, we actively engage in combating climate change and create a living testament to lives lost – a memorial that provides shelter, nourishment, and inspiration for generations to come.

Become a part of Growing A Global Heart’s global community. Help cultivate a more equitable and sustainable future, a world where each tree planted is a step towards healing our shared history and our planet.

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