April 17, 2024

In the heart of Pasadena and LA County, an entirely mobile artist-run organization is making waves. Side Street Projects is not just fostering creativity; it’s reshaping the community and becoming a symbol of empowerment and collective growth.

Community-Centered Approach

The community-centered focus of Side Street Projects extends far beyond art. Their commitment to community-led programming and a DIY/DIT (Do it yourself & Do it together) ethos promotes creativity, well-being, and the potential for growth. It’s a guiding philosophy that’s transcending the art world to create real, tangible change.

Empowering Justice-Impacted Communities

Central to Side Street Projects is the empowerment of justice-impacted communities. These are populations that may face additional societal or bureaucratic obstacles, and Side Street Projects is dedicated to navigating these challenges.

Through co-visioning strategies for survival and thriving, the organization is not only aiding these communities but deeply highlighting the ways they are already envisioning and practicing a DIY/DIT ethos. The lessons learned within the organization are rippling out, teaching individuals how to be resilient and creative, even in unforgiving climates.

Independence and Interdependence

One of the standout aspects of Side Street Projects is its focus on independence and interdependence. By offering Skill Sharing and horizontal learning opportunities, they provide a platform for both self-reliance and community collaboration. They recognize the beauty in differences, and instead of erasing them, they embrace them. This approach fosters a rich, diverse community, bound together by creativity and shared goals.

Environmental Stewardship

Side Street Projects also emphasizes a regenerative and symbiotic relationship with the environment. Their responsible use of resources is connected to the wellbeing of both the local community and the planet. It’s a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnection of all things and actively seeks to nurture and regenerate.

Leadership and Ripple Effect

Perhaps the most potent aspect of Side Street Projects is its ability to foster leadership. The ripple effect they are creating isn’t just within the confines of their organization; it’s a societal shift towards collective growth and regeneration.

They are nurturing artists and community members to become leaders in their right, building a network of influencers who can carry the message of creativity, collaboration, and empowerment even further.


Side Street Projects is more than an artist-run organization; it’s a movement and a model for community engagement, empowerment, and change. Through their creative endeavors, they are positively influencing the local community in Pasadena and LA County. They are building bridges, nurturing leadership, and planting seeds for a brighter, more connected future. 

In a world where community divisions can be stark, Side Street Projects offers a harmonious vision of what can be achieved when art, empathy, and vision combine. Their influence is a reminder that creativity isn’t just a solitary endeavor; it’s a collective force that can heal, unite, and inspire.


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