July 17, 2024

Are you ready to get inspired? Look no further than The Thelma Harris Art Gallery, an Oakland-based beacon of creativity and community that has been showcasing the profound narratives and genius of African-American artists for over two decades.

Their freshest canvas of exhibition unveils the masterpieces of contemporary luminaries like Claude Clark, Jonathan Green, and Artis Lane. Yet, it’s in their homage to the titans of the Harlem Renaissance, like Palmer Hayden and Aaron Douglas, that the gallery bridges the golden past with the dynamic present and the promising future of African-American artistry.

But the gallery’s essence stretches beyond the frame. While they curate impressive art collections, they’re not merely brokers; they’re storytellers, change-makers, and community builders. In every brushstroke they showcase, every event they curate, and every connection they foster, they ignite conversations, fuel aspirations, and stitch communities closer.

Embark on a journey with Thelma Harris Art Gallery by exploring https://www.thelmaharrisartgallery.com. More than an art space, it’s a movement—a celebration of art’s unparalleled power to evoke hope, resilience, and unity. Every facet of their mission gleams with warmth, collaboration, and an undying belief in the transformative magic of art. Step into their realm, and be part of this ever-evolving tapestry of creativity and community.

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