February 21, 2024

The West Side of Atlanta pumps out yet another unique EmCee. This lyricist comes from a background of musical family ties and he walks in that path boldly with versatility to match raw ability. The piece called “Demons on Tuck” is a deep joint about keeping demons under control- something everybody needs to work on. This artist is truly gifted as he rips one of many styles in this introspective vision. The video work is exceptionally creative. Big ups on the total picture coming together! Look for big things from this young Rock Star!

Here it is! Bam! In ya face with the ill sway and rocker called “BMX” by the very different lyricist called ZAIA!. This is molten hot air-conditioning pumped into the club or your earholes with bass that could spark a submarine battery. The rhymes are stuck to the beat like bubblegum and this is one that makes you hum and wanna come get some! Five star action on this traction and that’s a fact. Get this one in rotation…yesterday.



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