May 30, 2024

Tapping into the rich lyrical heritage of the Windy City, the duo of KingTrey, and Yvng.Wolfe come together to create “PROUD” , an emotive and thought-provoking testament to Chicago’s distinct hip-hop scene. King Trey, a sprightly talent sponsored by Sprite, exploded onto the hip-hop landscape at the tender age of 17. Hailing from Evanston, Illinois, this young prodigy soon captured the ears of many, earning a spot as Chicago’s rising star by The Source magazine. Partnering with him on “PROUD” is the critically acclaimed Yvng.Wolfe, a Chicago-based rapper whose artistic journey is marked by introspective projects like “Stroke of Greatness” and “Barkin”. Together, their distinct styles weave a tapestry of profound storytelling, where bars about systemic oppression and mental health resonate profoundly.

“PROUD” thus stands as a shining example of Chicago’s best emcees and poets joining forces to deliver a track that’s not just a song, but a compelling narrative about the city and its people. The result is a raw, unfiltered exploration of life in the Windy City, where hardships and victories intertwine against the backdrop of a vibrant urban soundscape.

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