July 17, 2024

Just when you thought the Sunshine State’s rap scene couldn’t possibly get any more vibrant, a hurricane is brewing in the form of the young and immensely talented Hurricane Wisdom. The Florida Rapper has managed to create a tsunami of enthusiasm in the hip-hop world that’s difficult to ignore. Hailing from Florida, the rapper has fashioned a unique blend of melodic trap that feels both familiar and refreshingly new, offering a sound that is undeniably contagious.

“Floatin” is an intoxicating blend of melodic hooks and booming 808s that feels like the sonic lovechild of classic trap and something a little more experimental. Hurricane Wisdom has an innate ability to weave together intricate melodies while still delivering the raw, unapologetic energy that defines trap music at its core. The single is a testament to Wisdom’s exceptional talent and showcases his relentless ambition, unafraid to shake up the genre’s foundations. In a landscape already brimming with talent, Hurricane Wisdom has proven that there’s always room for a new force of nature in the rap game. instagram.com/hurricane.wisdom

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