July 17, 2024

Scarborough, Ontario, is quickly becoming one of the most fertile grounds for emerging musical talent, and the latest gem to sparkle from this community is none other than Chxrry22. She is a radiant presence in the music scene with a voice as melodic as the nectar from her namesake fruit.

Lydia, the multi-talented individual behind the stage name Chxrry22, has a background that’s rich with musical heritage. Brought up in a community deeply rooted in the rhythms of Ethiopia and nurtured by musically inclined parents, Lydia’s early years were a tapestry of sound and culture. Honing her skills in the local church choir, she captured the attention of a hometown superstar, The Weeknd, who recognized her potential and signed her to his XO label.

A Journey of Passion, Perseverance, and Promise

Lydia’s ascent to musical stardom began humbly on social media platforms, where her cover versions of popular songs resonated with fans. Her lush, melodic interpretations drew a large and devoted following, setting the stage for her to evolve into the accomplished artist known as Chxrry22. Her music is imbued with authenticity and soul, and she crafts tracks that are not just catchy but also deeply meaningful. The essence of her art lies in her passion, perseverance, and promise—qualities that foretell an illustrious career.

“More”: An Ode to Boundless Possibility

Her latest single, “More,” is a manifestation of her artistic vision—a soulful track that calls on listeners to shatter the glass ceiling of their own limitations. The song features a mellow yet captivating beat, over which Chxrry22 lays down her trademark smooth vocals.

Her words effortlessly glide across the lines, filling the song with a profound desire for a life filled with richness and meaning. In a world that often tells us to conform and settle, “More” is a clarion call to break free and pursue your true purpose.

Transcending Boundaries

The arc of Chxrry22’s career has taken her from humble beginnings as a busker on the streets of Scarborough to collaborations with major names in the industry. Yet, the essence of her message remains unchanged: that true artistry emanates from within, and the boundaries we often see are but illusions. “More” exemplifies this ethos perfectly, cementing Chxrry22’s place as an artist whose music not only crosses genres but also touches the soul.

From Scarborough, with its rich tapestry of cultures and sounds, to the international stages that she is destined to grace, Chxrry22’s journey is just beginning. And if her current trajectory is any indication, the world should prepare for much “More” from this outstanding artist.

So if you haven’t yet, press play and let the sweet, soulful sound of Chxrry22 envelop you. One thing is certain: her voice is one you won’t soon forget.

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