May 30, 2024

What are the signs of the times? How will the world heal itself? These are questions that certain groups seek to find real answers in real time. The Racial Justice Collaborative is one of those organizations trying to help people move with progressive momentum. They have been involved in human interactions and relations for many years, confronting the things in society that harm the “Black” or indigenous communities of the United States and abroad.”The Racial Justice Collaborative is a Black-led, multi-racial team of race, team building, therapy, media, and facilitation professionals focused on eliminating group conflict including anti-black racism and the myth of white supremacy”. In the organization’s literature, it also states, “We facilitate, process, and help resolve race-related issues in schools, communities, and businesses.  We work to educate, and train small to large groups with single and many facilities in multiple countries on a full range of race-related issues.” 

People need to discuss issues and there need to be more organizations like the Racial Justice Collaborative to get to the core of the problems hat threaten to pull the society apart from within. Check out their website to find out about the work that they do, led by Diane Wong,the technician of attaining peace through confronting the inner beast. Here is where some of the pressures of the street meet complete thought and the net to mental and physical health is cast.

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