May 30, 2024

In episode 12 of Street Pressure Radio, we delve into the gritty street essence of hip-hop with a line-up of awe-inspiring talents. Music from LaRussell, Guapdad 400, Lifinite, Mr.Big Ole, Tec, GMF Fatboy, Ed Eazy, Walkin Money, Loe Shimmy, BLP Kosher,  Luh Tyler, Trapland Pat, Marcellus Juvann, Chucc Global, SamRothsteinfromthe94, K-Bo, Yung Pooda and more. 


Now let’s vibe out to some Cali soul, straight from Vallejo! LaRussell isn’t just an artist; the man put his dreams on pause for fatherhood, then flipped the script and went full-time with his label Good Compenny. Fast forward to his latest jam, “How Could I Not?”—we’re talkin’ layers of vocals, collabs with Guapdad 4000 and Lifinite, all over TOPE’s rhythmic backdrop. This track’s got it all: West Coast chill, Southern heat, and Midwest groove. So go ahead, let LaRussell take you on a musical trip you won’t forget. Hit play and let the journey enrich your soul.

GMF Fatboy, Ed Eazy and Walkin Money

Yo, yall gotta listen up! GMF Fatboy’s comin’ through with “Ion Like No Mess,” and let me tell ya, this track’s the queen on the hip-hop chessboard—versatile and straight-up powerful. Slide Ed Eazy’s gritty hooks and WalkinMoney’s mad swagger into the mix, and you’ve got an anthem that’s not just a banger—it’s a declaration. Listen close, ’cause when Fatboy spits, the room listens. So go ahead, hit play and let this sonic cocktail shake up your system. Trust us, one round won’t be enough.

Loe Shimmy

Aye, Street Pressure fam, you better get in on this—Loe Shimmy’s out here mixin’ Pompano Beach grit with soulful melodies like a straight-up chef! Imagine Kodak Black and Adele had a musical baby; that’s the kinda vibe he’s servin’. But don’t get it twisted, the man’s got his own unique sauce, and it’s all over his latest track, “Can’t Blame Em.” This anthem is pure fire, y’all—heart, hustle, and a whole lot of resilience packed into one banging beat. Listen, this dude’s not just dreamin’ big, he’s sprinting towards it. So hit play and get ready—Loe Shimmy’s on a fast track to global stardom, and you’re gonna wanna be along for the ride.

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