July 17, 2024

Get ready to discover some of the most electrifying underground hip-hop artists on this episode of Street Pressure Radio.

Self Scientific

If you’re a fan of conscious hip hop, then you’ve likely heard of Self Scientific, the Southern California duo keeping underground hip hop alive. With a mellow yet powerful sound fusing West Coast rhythms and underground energy, Self Scientific crafts a musical journey that leaves listeners wanting more.  

Their single “All Written” featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow showcases their signature sound. Muldrow’s sultry vocals glide over smooth production, infusing the track with her eclectic style and their musical roots. “All Written” is a lyrical symphony where every word harmonizes this unique hip hop artistry. For authentic hip hop blending soul and rhythm, put this track on repeat.

El Da Sensei

Hey, hip-hop heads, today we’ve got something really special for you—a dynamite collab between two legends from the golden era, El Da Sensei and Wordsworth! El Da’s bringing that gritty storytelling from New Jersey, where he rose to fame with the iconic group Artifacts, and Wordsworth, a hip-hop vet, has been crafting rhymes with titans like A Tribe Called Quest for over two decades. Now, these two are blessing us with “From the Ground Up,” a track that’s pure fire, layering smooth yet hard-hitting verses over a classic boom-bap beat. It’s a nostalgic trip that manages to pack in fresh perspectives, making it clear that these guys are still very much in the game. So, don’t sleep on this one—the revolution starts right now!

Lockness Carnival

Lockness Carnival fuses Cali soul and Boston beats in their latest track “For the Love of You.” At first listen, you can feel their explosive flow and seasoned production emerge. “For the Love of You” showcases their signature blend of mellow depth and vibrant energy. Authenticity is key for Lockness Carnival, and their smooth rhythms and visual lyrics deliver, leaving you wanting more.

I Self Divine

I Self Divine is an iconic figure in Minnesota’s hip-hop scene, renowned for his soulful storytelling. He pays homage to hip-hop’s golden era while pushing the genre in new directions. His music is a journey through Minneapolis, guided by his life experiences. 

“Uncivilized” is a powerful track that showcases the true essence of hip-hop. Its gritty production and razor-sharp lyrics uplift and empower listeners, while Divine crafts an anthem that calls for action. Turn up the volume for hip-hop at its finest!

Speaker Bullies

Hey, if you’re in the mood for some real-deal hip-hop, let me put you on to The Speaker Bullies. These guys are serving up a killer mix of Midwest soul and Southern grit, all the way from Chi-town to ATL, giving you that old-school vibe that’s as real as it gets. Now, onto their latest banger, “Shannon Sharpe”—man, this track is fire! Supastition is dropping bars that’ll make you think twice, while Praise keeps it minimalist but impactful with those beats, taking you right back to hip-hop’s golden era. Trust, this is one you’ll wanna put on repeat—it’s got that head-nodding, soul-stirring kind of magic.

Sol Messiah

Alright Street Pressure fam, let’s dive deep into Sol Messiah’s newest banger, “God Complx,” where he’s pulled in the lyrical titans Sa Roc and King Crooked to light up the track. Sa Roc’s sleek flow dances effortlessly with King Crooked’s magnetic bars, taking us on a wild hip-hop ride. Sol Messiah ain’t just dropping beats, he’s crafting anthems, and with “God Complx,” he’s serving up pure gold for our souls. When you’ve got the raw energy of Sa Roc and King Crooked spitting fire, you know it’s about to be legendary. Strap in, fam; this track’s the real deal!

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