February 20, 2024

Cue the beat, roll down the windows, and let the nostalgia hit you like a warm Cali breeze— ‘Who Got Some Playa Shit’ off the “We All We Got Volume 1” album is a vivid callback to an era of rap that still has its fingerprints all over the culture. With a lineup that reads like an all-star roster—Chucc Global, SamRothsteinfromthe94, K-Bo, Sauvi The Coolest, CZARnicholas, Teflon Ron, Kaleem Beats, and Nic Wheeler—this track is a heavyweight showdown of styles and flows, each artist coming through with their own distinctive flair.

From the moment the beat drops, you’re transported straight back to the ’90s—the golden era of Bay Area playa energy. There’s an indescribable vibrance that floods the senses, nodding to Snoop Dogg’s timeless classic “We on some Gangsta Shit.” The production is undeniably West Coast—heavy on the groove but smooth enough to cruise to. It’s a perfect canvas for these artists to flex their lyrical muscles.

Chucc Global kicks things off, his flow cascading over the beat like a pro skater carving up a halfpipe. SamRothsteinfromthe94 follows suit, each line delivered with the slick, effortless charm we’ve come to expect from him. K-Bo, Sauvi The Coolest, and CZARnicholas keep the momentum going, their individual styles gelling together yet standing distinctly apart. And just when you think the track can’t ascend any higher, Teflon Ron, Kaleem Beats, and Nic Wheeler join the mix, each adding their own seasoning to this musical gumbo.

What’s magical about “Who Got Some Playa Shit” is its uncanny ability to embody that authentic Bay vibe while still feeling fresh and contemporary. This isn’t a mere mimicry of playa rap; it’s a reimagining, a reincarnation. From the production to the lyrical content, everything about the track just oozes authenticity. 

So, when you’re riding down the boulevard, top down, sun setting over the horizon, make sure you’ve got “Who Got Some Playa Shit” cued up. It’s more than a song—it’s a vibe, a mood, a statement. It’s the type of track that demands to be played loud and deserves to be felt deeply. Let the musical symphony of these vibrant voices wash over you, and be reminded of why you fell in love with the West Coast sound in the first place.

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