February 21, 2024

The heart of the South beats to a rhythm all its own. It’s soulful, sultry, and impossible to ignore. And right now, that heartbeat resonates most audibly through the raw sounds of MrBigOle. With a name that commands attention and a voice that demands it, this Memphis marvel is redefining rap standards.

From Springhill Roots to Memphis Majesty

Lavert Smith, or as the world knows him, MrBigOle, was nurtured by the rich sonic soil of Springhill, Louisiana. But it was in the neon-lit streets of Memphis that BigOle truly found his voice. His sound is the perfect storm of Southern grit and grandeur – like the fierce flow of the Mississippi and the calm it leaves in its wake.

Amada Records & “DAYUMMMM”: The Genesis 

Amada Records recognized the goldmine that is MrBigOle and didn’t hesitate to bring him into their fold in 2021. With “DAYUMMMM,” BigOle didn’t just introduce himself to the world; he made a declaration. This was hip-hop that was unapologetically Southern, and undeniably BigOle. The world had been introduced, and it was eager for more.

“Set the Record Straight”: A Rallying Cry

A song that is both a nod to tradition and a bold step forward, “Set the Record Straight” is quintessential BigOle. By teaming up with Baton Rouge’s TEC, he’s produced an anthem for a generation that seeks change and celebrates authenticity. TEC’s ethereal vocals are a masterstroke, weaving around BigOle’s powerful verses, creating a tapestry of sound that is both haunting and hopeful. 

The Revolution in Rhythm

MrBigOle isn’t just an artist; he’s a movement. A force that captures the essence of the South and channels it into lyric and beat. His journey is far from over; in fact, it’s just getting started. But one thing’s for sure – Memphis rap has found its new champion, and he’s set to take the world by storm. So, whether you’re a lifelong rap aficionado or just looking for some real music, it’s time to tune into the sounds of MrBigOle. www.instagram.com/mrbigole

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