May 30, 2024

Drenched in the soulful sounds of Vallejo, LaRussell isn’t just a name—it’s an emotional voyage set to beats and bars. Raised in a city revered for its hip-hop pulse, LaRussell had to place his early artistic dreams on the shelf to make room for fatherhood. While working a stable job for six years, he quietly built his musical portfolio under the moniker Tota, gifting us with introspective tracks like “Cyntoia Brown” and “6am in Vallejo.” But the call of his craft became too potent to ignore, compelling him to pivot in 2017. Founding Good Compenny and releasing his debut project “The Field Effect” was more than a career move—it was a self-revelation that resonated so deeply, it fueled his transition into full-time artistry.

LaRussell’s evolution has been both rapid and resonant. From the expansive “Never Forget Who You Are” to 2020’s “Silence Won’t Save You,” his releases unspool like a diary written in complex lyricism and soulful cadence. And with “The Field Effect, Vol. 2,” he reaffirms why we were smitten with his authentically spun narratives and fluid flow from the start. Enter his latest track, “How Could I Not?”, a collaborative masterpiece with Guapdad 4000 and Lifinite that soaks you in layered vocal textures over TOPE’s moody, rhythmic production. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of West Coast, South, and Midwest influences, a cocktail of regional flavors stirred to perfection. LaRussell’s story isn’t just about his own musical journey; it’s also a showcase for talents like Iman Europe and Tah-Hir through Good Compenny’s live performance channel. The track embodies what LaRussell is about: authenticity, soul, and an irresistible urge to create. Tune in and ride the wavelength; it’s a musical journey where the destination is as enriching as the ride. With each beat and bar, LaRussell continues to carve his name into the rich tapestry of hip-hop, stitching a legacy that is both timeless and infinitely relatable.

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