July 17, 2024

In the vibrant realm of art and creativity, the Corita Art Center stands as a testament to the forward-thinking vision of its namesake, Corita Kent. In the dynamic era of the 1960s, Kent, an artist, educator, and advocate for social justice, envisioned an interactive learning space where creativity knew no bounds. Her students, encouraged to redefine the norms of learning, together forged the path-breaking Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules, or as it is fondly known, the “Ten Rules”. These innovative guidelines would later resonate with countless individuals, inspiring them to push the boundaries of their own creative endeavors.

Now, the Corita Art Center, in collaboration with Chronicle Books, has invited a diverse array of contributors, including former students and contemporaries of Corita, to revisit these enduring “Ten Rules”. The eclectic lineup features artists and writers such as Rebeca Anaya, Gail Anderson, Juliette Bellocq, Lisa Congdon, Dan Paley, Eric Dever, and many more. Their reinterpretations offer a fresh take on Corita’s time-honored principles, invigorating them with the unique perspectives of artists, organizers, and thought leaders from a wide range of disciplines.

Today, the Corita Art Center beckons you to be a part of this creative revolution. Visit the center or explore its website to connect with the rich legacy of Corita Kent. Participate in workshops, contribute to exhibitions, or simply immerse yourself in the empowering spirit of creative exploration. You too can engage with the profound wisdom of the “Ten Rules” and redefine your own artistic journey. Your creativity, like the inspiring legacy of Corita Kent, is boundless and unstoppable.

Art/Photos owned by the Corita Art Center. https://collection.corita.org/page/12/ascending/serigraph/1968?1695659808021

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