April 17, 2024

In the heart of Pasadena and LA County, an entirely mobile artist-run organization is making waves. Side Street Projects is not just fostering creativity; it’s reshaping the community and becoming a symbol of empowerment and collective growth.

Community-Centered Approach

The community-centered focus of Side Street Projects extends far beyond art. Their commitment to community-led programming and a DIY/DIT (Do it yourself & Do it together) ethos promotes creativity, well-being, and the potential for growth. It’s a guiding philosophy that’s transcending the art world to create real, tangible change.

Empowering Justice-Impacted Communities

Central to Side Street Projects is the empowerment of justice-impacted communities. These are populations that may face additional societal or bureaucratic obstacles, and Side Street Projects is dedicated to navigating these challenges.

Through co-visioning strategies for survival and thriving, the organization is not only aiding these communities but deeply highlighting the ways they are already envisioning and practicing a DIY/DIT ethos. The lessons learned within the organization are rippling out, teaching individuals how to be resilient and creative, even in unforgiving climates.



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