July 17, 2024

The rhythms of Newark flow through El Da Sensei like the beats of his hometown. As one half of the hip hop duo Artifacts in the 1990s, El Da Sensei wove lyrical symphonies that captured the soul of New Jersey hip hop. Now as a solo artist, his music reflects the raw energy and grit of Newark’s streets as much as the mellow wisdom of a veteran MC. 

El Da Sensei’s sound is as vintage as a pair of fresh Jordans, callling back to hip hop’s golden era with soulful samples and hard-hitting drums. But his lyrics stay rooted in the present, addressing current issues with insight and candor. Nearly 25 years after Artifacts debuted, El Da Sensei remains an innovator who blends old school sounds with a contemporary vision. His music leaves you nodding your head to the familiar rhythms of the past, while opening your mind to new perspectives.

El Da Sensei’s new track “From the Ground Up” is a lyrical masterpiece, blending soulful beats and hard-hitting bars into a hip-hop symphony. Featuring hip-hop veteran Wordsworth, who has been crafting rhymes since the fifth grade and lending his skills to classics like A Tribe Called Quest’s The Love Movement, this single is a testament to raw talent and artistic passion. Wordsworth and El Da Sensei trade verses with the effortless flow of longtime collaborators, their words intertwining and building upon each other to create a story of struggle, growth, and perseverance against all odds. Like the track’s title suggests, these MCs have built their success from the ground up, and each lyric is a glimpse into the foundation of their craft. Pulsing with the vibrant energy of New York and the rhythmic depth of hip-hop’s golden era, “From the Ground Up” is a triumphant anthem poised to resonate with both casual listeners and dedicated fans. Press play and let the music move you – you’ll be left wanting more.  

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