February 20, 2024

The Speaker Bullies are a hip hop duo that crafts a lyrical symphony of unapologetic rhymes and hard-hitting beats. North Carolina emcee Supastition unleashes bar after bar of clever wordplay and social commentary over the ominous production of Maryland producer Praise. Together, they have created an alter ego that allows them to channel their rawest and most rebellious creative energies.  

The result is an aggressive style of hip hop with a touch of dark humor and wit. But beneath the abrasive exterior are two artists with a gift for keen observation and cultural critique. Supastition’s lyrics move with the effortless flow of a veteran wordsmith, blending insight and wordplay in a way that leaves you pondering his messages long after the track ends. Praise’s beats are minimal but packed with a gritty, old-school flavor that harkens back to hip hop’s golden era.

With their unfiltered honesty and unapologetic realness, the Speaker Bullies deliver a much-needed dose of authenticity. Their music reflects the soul of hip hop culture – rebellious, outspoken and dedicated to speaking truth to power. The Speaker Bullies are the soundtrack for anyone on a quest for real rap that moves your mind, body and soul.  

Speaker Bullies’s latest single “Shannon Sharpe” is a lyrical knockout that showcases his smooth flow and clever wordplay. Like a championship team coming together, “Shannon Sharpe” showcases this duo’s chemistry. Vibrant, authentic, and rhythmically rich, this single is destined to be on repeat.

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