July 17, 2024

Prepare yourself for a hip-hop experience like no other, as the incomparable Sol Messiah, the hip-hop super producer, has delivered one of the best projects of 2022. With his highly anticipated release, “God Cmplx,” unveiled on the revered indie hip-hop label Rhymesayers, Sol Messiah has once again proven his prowess in the art of beat-making.

But this project isn’t just about Sol Messiah’s masterful production. Oh no, it’s also a platform for lyrical excellence, as he enlists the talents of the gifted emcee, Sa Roc, and the West Coast’s very own lyrical king, KXNG Crooked. Together, they weave a sonic tapestry that effortlessly blends thought-provoking lyricism with soulful production, creating a truly mesmerizing musical experience.

“God Complx” is a testament to Sol Messiah’s ability to curate a masterpiece, bringing together emcees who possess a remarkable gift for storytelling and wordplay. Sa Roc’s graceful yet powerful flow harmonizes perfectly with KXNG Crooked’s captivating delivery, creating a dynamic contrast that keeps the listener hooked from start to finish.

With this single, Sol Messiah solidifies his standing as a hip-hop visionary, pushing boundaries and delivering music that resonates with the soul. Prepare yourself for a lyrical journey like no other, as “God Complx” takes you on a sonic tour de force that encapsulates the essence of true hip-hop mastery. You don’t want to miss this musical triumph from the genius mind of Sol Messiah, featuring the lyrical prowess of Sa Roc and King Crooked.

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