February 21, 2024

Discover the heart of creative expression in Riverside County with the Riverside Arts Council (RAC). For over 40 years, RAC has been dedicated to providing, developing, supporting, and sustaining the arts in the community. As a California Arts Council state-local partner, RAC is a leader among local art agencies and the central hub for arts-related services, information, education, and outreach in the county.

RAC is more than just an organization; it’s a thriving community that connects artists and art organizations throughout the region. With a mission to integrate visual, literary, and performing arts into the fabric of the communities it serves, RAC encourages the advancement and participation of the arts. Their initiatives are impactful and diverse, from networking and cultural infrastructure development to neighborhood revitalization. These programs address community changes proactively to ensure that the arts remain an integral part of Riverside’s evolving landscape.

What makes RAC truly special is its dedication to collaborative projects that reflect the pulse of the community. By fostering an environment where artists and communities can come together, RAC ensures that the arts are not just appreciated but are also integrated into everyday life. If you’re an artist looking for a platform or a community member eager to engage with the arts, the Riverside Arts Council is your gateway to a world of creativity, inspiration, and cultural enrichment. Join the RAC community today and discover the endless possibilities of artistic expression in Riverside County. riversideartscouncil.com

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