July 17, 2024

Step aside world, there’s a new force on the horizon and he’s here to redefine Southern rap. Introducing: Pote Baby, a Savannah, GA native, who’s rapidly carving out his own lane in the hip-hop scene. Drawing inspiration from the likes of hip-hop stalwarts Ludacris, the infectious beats of Nelly, and the avant-garde genius of NERD, Pote Baby’s sound is an audacious blend of old-school grit and contemporary flair. But his unique soundscape isn’t the only thing getting industry heavyweights’ attention. Brands like Reebok and Grey Goose have already recognized the dynamism he brings, forming iconic partnerships that align with his high-octane energy and style.

As for his latest drop, “It Is What It Is”, it’s not just a song; it’s a testament to Pote Baby’s undeniable talent and his unwavering commitment to his roots. The track resonates with authentic Southern vibes, each beat echoing his Savannah upbringing and the rich tapestry of sounds that influenced him. If there was any doubt about Pote Baby’s potential to be the next big thing, this single lays it all to rest. With his trajectory aimed straight at the hip-hop stratosphere, this Southern sensation is not only destined to blow but to also wave the Savannah flag high and proud. Stay tuned, because Pote Baby is just getting started.

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1 thought on “Pote Baby – It Is What It Is

  1. Dope. Suga T been down a long time with Street Pressure. Good to hear!
    Lockness making noise…Like that Yammys joint!

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