February 21, 2024

From the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, NinoSoSupremy emerges as an authentic voice in hip-hop, engaging audiences with his potent storytelling and original narratives. Drawing inspiration from his immediate surroundings, Nino weaves vivid tapestries of life in Fort Worth, making him an underrated artist rapidly gaining recognition. This Texan wordsmith’s commitment to originality shapes his music into an exceptional blend of authentic narratives and street wisdom, shedding light on his lived experiences while also resonating with a broader audience.

NinoSoSupremy’s single, “Tales of Mary Hill,” brings his adept lyricism into the spotlight. His voice, resonant and raw, conveys emotions and messages that go beyond the lyrics, creating a captivating aural experience. A standout line, “He was on that, until we got on that, now he ain’t on that no mo,” is delivered with an inflection that underscores the power of transformation and evolution. This particular lyric, along with Nino’s uniquely expressive voice, encapsulates the essence of his music: deeply personal, strikingly real, and remarkably resonant. The Fort Worth rapper’s commitment to portraying his environment and experiences ensures his place as a rising star in hip-hop, offering listeners a fresh perspective within the genre.

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