April 13, 2024

Creating and sustaining a social subculture around fresh vegan soul food because food brings us together. 

Drop Squad Kitchens create boutique style, from scratch, plant
based food using thoughtfully curated ingredients from the earth.
Balance of mind and body is what is felt when you deal with DSK. Every
one of our recipes reflect a multicultural influence or a story. Self
mastery is connected to our food and survival includes many things.
Drop Squad Kitchens is a taste of style, with laced and plant based
places to take us away from the waste. 

“When you order from us imagine telling your mama what you want to eat. 

We make everything to order, literally. Your mac is baked on the spot, Hot Dog grilled on Demand. If we have to store it we don’t want to serve it.”

Do better and check out Drop Squad Kitchens. https://dropsquadkitchen.com

Contact Info

928 Justison Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Opening Hours

11.11 AM –8 PM
Fridays & Saturdays
11.11 AM –9 PM

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