February 21, 2024

George Benson’s classic theme song, “The Greatest” starts with the lyrics…”I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way..” There is a remarkable group out there called Children for Change (C4C). From their mission statements, “Children for Change (C4C) (children4change.org) is a youth-led (and women-run) organization seeking to foster a culture of care and uplift whole communities through education, advocacy, and activism”. Their work is a beautiful thing to see in action! Children for Change is youth driven and youth led. Meeting topics, action campaigns and recipients of C4C’s charitable giving are inspired by students’ interests. These children take the self help attitude of “do something about it!”. They are children and their stance is that even though they are young, they have a voice, and bodies to make changes that the Earth is in dire need of.

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