February 20, 2024

Detroit’s own Boldy James is making waves as one of the bright young stars of the hip-hop world, bringing a fresh edge to the industry with his distinctive style and prowess as a trap lyricist. His craft is deeply rooted in the classic hip-hop vibe that defined the genre’s early years, all the while infusing it with his own modern and gritty sensibilities. James’ skillful lyricism, punctuated by his unapologetic candor, shines in his recent single “We Gotta Do Better.” The track is an absolute banger, boasting a star-studded collaboration with Big Yount, J Rell, Big Unky, and Joey Majors. Not just an homage to hip hop, the single’s vibes pay respect to the original track “Take it in Blood” by Nas, positioning itself as a worthy contender for chart-topping spots in the industry.

New York hip-hop veteran Joey Majors’ involvement in “We Gotta Do Better” adds an even deeper layer of authenticity to the track. Known for his classic New York street lyricist style, Majors brings his seasoned experience to the single, infusing it with the kind of grit and realism that only a true hip-hop stalwart could deliver. His contribution encapsulates the quintessence of New York hip-hop, a genre noted for its raw narratives and complex rhymes. The resulting collaboration between Boldy James and Joey Majors in “We Gotta Do Better” has created a classic in the making, showcasing the transformative power of lyrics-driven music and the undeniable synergy of some of the industry’s best talents. www.instagram.com/boldyjames/


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