July 17, 2024

Xenia Manasseh, Nairobi-born and raised, seems destined to reinvent the Neo-Soul and Jazz landscape, not only in Africa but globally. Unsurprisingly, her melodious aura has been richly influenced by the musical tapestry woven by giants like Erykah Badu, India Arie, and Lauryn Hill. However, Manasseh has artfully borrowed the sonic contours of her influences to create a distinctively new sound, a compelling synthesis of Neo-Soul, Jazz, and her unique African vibe that reverberates throughout her music. Her ability to channel raw emotion into her compositions is uncanny, her vocal performances a haunting echo of the soul’s deepest trenches. 

In her latest single, “Temporary Love,” Manasseh’s vision for a universal musical language comes into sharp focus. She weaves a captivating narrative of transient affection with her signature fusion of Jazz and Neo-Soul. It’s both intimate and globally accessible, characterized by her sultry vocals gliding over soulful chords and deft jazz-infused instrumentation. The song is an authenticity masterclass, conveying an undeniable depth that bridges cultural gaps. She has indeed, with “Temporary Love,” made a definitive stride towards achieving her vision of creating music that resonates with a global audience. The world is now not just listening but singing along. “Temporary Love”is featured on Episode 7 of Street Pressure Radio.



In the most recent episode of Street Pressure radio, we’re treating R&B enthusiasts to a buffet of emerging and established talents reshaping the genre’s landscape. First on the list is Geminelle, the Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and producer with a distinct R&B flair evident in her latest single, “Sync into You.” London’s Monita, with her introspective single “Peaceful,” showcases her unique mix of rustic roots and cosmopolitan influences. Meanwhile, LA’s Hana Ni serves a fresh slice of alternative R&B with her emotionally resonant “Soul food.” Californian singer-songwriter Alexia Nicole Jackson stuns listeners with her soulful vocals and insightful lyrics on “100% That Boss,” a blend of R&B, Neo Soul, and Jazz.

Rounding up the episode was a lineup of artists, each carving out a unique space in the genre. In collaboration with Noel Gourdin, jazz icon Maysa offers a soulful narrative on love’s trials and triumphs in “Love Life.” With her Bay Area soul and grit, Jane Handcock delivers a compelling narrative of accountability in “That’s On Me.” Nairobi-born Xenia Manasseh’s single “Temporary Love” serves as a testament to her ambition to create a universal musical language that bridges cultural divides. Nevi, hailing from Rose City, Texas, showcases his skill in pairing old-school vibes with deep lyrics on “Westside.” East London’s Kali Claire proves that she’s not just a singer but a true artist with her latest single, “Before the World Ends,” a marriage of R&B and Pop. And lastly, Jasmine Janai’s “Quality Time,” encapsulates the Phoenix-based artist’s unique fusion of indie rock and sultry R&B.

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