July 17, 2024

Street Pressure is back with more “down to Earth” conversation with a great platform called “Connection Point with Dr. Marcy”. She is interviewing the versatile Sundiata the Tale Weaver about many things… including the dilemma of literacy in the “Black” community. He is an author of books for all ages, with a special place created for children who may not have their images portrayed in the most human and positive ways. Dr. Marcy asks community based questions and a progressive conversation again goes down on Street Pressure. Dr. Marcy always, as she says, “keeps it real” and has some honest dialogue with Sundiata as he leaks wisdom about creative responsibility, history, and the school system. Sundiata the Tale weaver is a returning guest on Street Pressure and believes in Street Pressure’s philosophy of self-help and the community building itself up from within. He makes tales for the world to learn from and his people to see more of themselves in. His books can be found on links here and Dr. Marcy’s show is available here, YouTube, and other platforms. In Dr. Marcy’s words, The Connecting Point with Dr. Marcy is “The place where creators connect to inspire, share their world through stories to transform the world through raw, unedited talk”.



Links to Sundiata The Tale Weaver’s books:

Legend of the Bag Lady https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094NTGK4C?…

Johnny Come Lately https://www.amazon.com/Johnny-Come-La…

Sloppy Joe AKA Slobicus https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09…

Tale of Mkeke https://www.amazon.com/Tale-Mkeke-Wea…


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