February 21, 2024

Monita, the London-based, German-bred virtuoso, is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music scene. Hailing from a quaint German hamlet, her unique soundscape is a fascinating amalgamation of her rustic roots and the cosmopolitan influence of her adopted home. Monita is an all-in-one powerhouse, producing her music in-house, each note carrying a piece of her soul, etching memories of divine power into the minds of her listeners. She transforms her lived experiences into beautifully rendered auditory narratives, making her music, as she charmingly describes it, “a soundtrack to fall in love with.”

Her recently released single “Peaceful” is a testament to her innate ability to stir deep emotional landscapes with her music. With haunting melodies and eloquent lyrics, it’s a song that paints images of serene beauty, resonating with the listener’s heartstrings. However, her prodigious talents are not solely confined to her own projects. Monita extends her skills to the works of other progressive artists, notably Moonlight Scorpio and Maijah, infusing their sounds with her unmistakable signature touch. With her artistry steeped in authenticity and courage, Monita is not just creating music; she is carving out sonic testimonies to our inherent strength and spiritual essence.



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