July 17, 2024

Born and bred in the heart of Oakland, the soulful essence of the Bay Area has always pulsed through the veins of singer-songwriter Jane Handcock. Her music is as much a product of this vibrant, diverse region as it is a testament to the rich tapestry of experiences that shaped her, growing up in the bustling cultural hub. With mentorship from the legendary Raphael Saadiq, the pulse of Oakland’s eclectic music scene has undeniably infused itself into Jane’s songwriting prowess, further shaping the contour of her distinctive sound. A sonic chameleon of sorts, Jane’s mastery of diverse genres has found her penning tracks for icons such as Teddy Riley, Dr. Dre, and Kelly Rowland, which attests to her ever-evolving versatility as an artist.

Handcock’s recent single, “That’s On Me”, is a stunning embodiment of her creative evolution, fusing the gritty authenticity of her Bay Area roots with an innovative, contemporary flavor. With its soulful undertones and emotionally charged lyricism, the track navigates a rich narrative of accountability and self-reflection. The song has been praised for its raw honesty, a hallmark of Jane’s songwriting that continues to resonate with her fans. Her impeccable ability to blend the old with the new creates a captivating listening experience that perfectly encapsulates her musical journey thus far. From the streets of Oakland to the studios of superstars, Jane Handcock’s unique musicality and talent continues to shape the landscape of contemporary music, promising a vibrant future for this gifted artist.


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