April 13, 2024

Against the backdrop of the Los Angeles alternative music scene, the luminous Hana Ni shines brilliantly. An R&B virtuoso and remarkable lyricist, her style embodies an eclectic fusion of genre nuances, forming a potent sonic cocktail. A child prodigy, Hana Ni graced the stage opening for gospel music titan Yolanda Adams at the tender age of 10. This was a mere prelude to her burgeoning career in both music and acting. She further honed her performance skills by taking up acting roles on notable television productions, including ABC’s heartfelt comedy “Speechless,” Fox’s ambitious sci-fi drama “The Orville,” and the chilling psychological thriller series “Criminal Minds.”

In her latest single “Soul Food,” Hana Ni once again proves her exceptional versatility and skill. The track serves as a true testament to her musical prowess, blending the smooth, soulful elements of R&B with hints of alternative experimentation. Her lyrics are a feast for the ears, full of deep-rooted emotions that touch the heart, comparable to soul food in its comforting familiarity yet surprising depth. “Soul Food” is not just a song, it is an auditory experience that takes listeners on a journey, a melody-rich narrative drenched in relatable sentiments. In a world often favoring style over substance, Hana Ni ensures that she delivers both in spades, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the global music industry. “Soul Food” is featured on Episode 7 of Street Pressure Radio.



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