February 20, 2024

Brooklyn-born emcee Kota the Friend, born Avery Marcel Joshua Jones, has been a refreshing divergence from his contemporaries with his unique blend of musically rich instrumentals and vivid, introspective wordplay. Starting his musical journey with the trumpet at age eight, Kota’s style weaves jazzy undercurrents with R&B touches, taking cues from multiple phases of hip-hop’s evolution. A testament to his DIY ethos, he has repeatedly turned down offers from major labels in favor of maintaining creative control. Kota’s career took a significant leap forward with the release of his full-length debut album, “Anything,” in 2018, followed by several successful projects including the critically acclaimed “Everything” in 2020 and the “Lyrics to Go” series.

Kota’s track “Real Ones,” produced by Statik Selektah is an exemplary showcase of his talent. The single, part of the project “To See a Sunset,” is a masterfully crafted piece with smooth beats and well-placed samples that perfectly complement Kota’s laid-back flow. It embodies the essence of his unique style, influenced by an eclectic array of artists, from Jay-Z and Nasty C to Bob Dylan and The Beatles. The track further highlights why he is a rising star in the hip-hop industry, continuing to carve out his unique path with his distinctively personal and introspective approach to rap. 

https://www.instagram.com/kotathefriend/ https://linktr.ee/fltbys

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