April 17, 2024

The mission of eyedrum is to support local and international artists as they advance the boundaries of art through explorations of contemporary art and new media. 

dialogue driven to serve artists in a space for critique and growth.

eyedrum serves a large and varied demographic of art makers as well as arts patrons in a collective space that encourages process and presentation of works. eyedrum is a space that promotes works that doesn’t necessarily have a place to be presented and has worked with artists in all stages of their careers.

eyedrum has an incredible archive of music from live offerings over the last 20 years. Each recording is currently going through the mastering process and will be made available in the upcoming months.

eyedrum will continue to serve in the role of community space, performance space, rehearsal space, rental space – serving the southeast, national and international art experiments and experience. https://www.eyedrum.org




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