February 20, 2024

Straight from the heart of East Oakland comes a commanding voice that captures the raw, unfiltered spirit of the streets, bossMAN Mr100. Known for his gritty voice that bears the weight of lived experience, bossMAN channels an authentic representation of a hustler’s mentality in his every verse. His rap skills aren’t confined to catchy hooks and memorable one-liners; it’s the embodiment of hard-hitting narratives, cementing him as a conduit for hard-core lyrics that tell stories of struggle and survival. An unwavering reflection of the streets, his gritty lyricism is a tapestry of life’s realities woven with the thread of resilience, triumph, and tenacity.

“Talk Trap,” serves as a bold testament to his prowess. More than just a song, it’s an anthem that echoes life’s daily hustle and grind in the inner city. With its incisive lyrics and driving beats, “Talk Trap” penetrates the heart of the streets, underlining bossMAN’s credibility as a stalwart of the genre. It’s a potent concoction of compelling rhymes and hypnotic beats that pulls listeners into a world where survival means staying on your grind, day in and day out. This is bossMAN Mr 100, a genuine lyrical artist who spits for the streets, revealing the hard truths and showing that behind every struggle lies a story worth telling.

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