February 21, 2024

Nesta is spreading the message of Love and Peace through his eclectic sound. The alternative rhythm and blues artist has a new song titled “City of Angels”, featuring the talented singer, Mereba. There is one word to describe this masterpiece: B-E-A-U-Tiful! It has a rhythm that would melt a frost giant’s heart. Visions of past loved ones, happy times and sad,….life in its essence and richness. The way the guitar licks weave the male and female vibe union would draw a sound that looks like the Yin/Yang symbol. The song captures a slice of the soul that is locked under hostile force captivity. “City of Angels” unleashes the unmatched power of angelic soundcraft dripping with truth. Once again, “City of Angels” is a well constructed treasure of quality art. Nesta & Mereba created a soundwave to regenerate positive vibrations in these chaotic times   Follow and Support https://www.instagram.com/eyenesta/

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