July 17, 2024

“Something New Under the Sun” is a podcast hosted by Sunrise the Divine and NRG aka Steven Marcus Releford. This podcast covers topics that are not in the main stream media such as new or ancient philosophies, practices, ways of life , Positive highlights in the world entertainment and so much more! In this episode we talk about superpowers and what power you would have if you could choose with Mr $now. tap in it gets interesting lol. Connect with us on all platforms Sunrise The Divine www.sunrisethedivine.com sunrisethedivine@gmail.com Instagram: @sunrisethedivine @Justvibescollective @realtrapchi TikTok: @sunrisedivine NRG (Steven Marcus Releford) Instagram: @stevenmarcusreleford Youtube: @Steven marcus Releford Mr. $now www.trilliondollarboyz.com Instagram: @48_noel @trilliondollarboyz Youtube: @MR. $NOW Special thanks to Def Noodles studio @The Def Noodles Show @Def Noodles for hosting the podcast Donations to support all creative projects and the independent artist lifestyle is always appreciated! Paypal & Zelle: zchrypg@yahoo.com Cash app: $risewiththesun Venmo: @Zach-Page-8

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