May 30, 2024

Underground Railroad Entertainment Group is an original Street Pressure spotlight brand . The two brands have a long standing alliance 

Underground Railroad Entertainment Group is a unique entertainment company with a strong commitment to enhancing the Independent Music Scene. “We put underground music and opportunity together.” Railroad Entertainment has over 3 decades of being on the front-line of independent underground music.  U.R.E. is associated with a diverse group of Producers, technicians, engineers, promoters, videographers. .Underground Railroad Entertainment Group is a top notch underground music marketing conglomerate .

“U.R.E. has been relevant in the southern delta since 2011.” “After the rebirth in 2016 as UREG DEF JAM MEMPHIS, the team continues to harvest unknown talent and to develop images for the music they create and promote.” The world of music is in a better place with the support of this ground breaking Entertainment company. You can hear the U.R.E movement everyday on U.R.E. FM . station. is a royalty based media hub designed to give independent artists the opportunity to be played and heard both inside and outside the Memphis metroplex. Now broadcasting in over 300 countries 24 hrs a day, we provide a potential marketing edge for every new underground project that comes through the door.” is the station if you want to hear the real voices of the new wave of Hip Hop Shout out to Phil Dee, the Ceo of Underground Railroad ENT for being one of the unsung leaders in the music community.

Check out music from artists down with the U.R.E. movement. 

Lil Vee is bringing the heat with this certified banger.

Phill Dee– aka Memphis Don – CEO

Talented singer-songwriter, Prince Djae is bringing back that smooth R&B sound.

Rich Bando and Mac Cream with a song that most can relate to. “Praying on my Down Fall” is a Classic Anthem with a hook that is bound to stay in your head.

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