April 17, 2024

Street Pressure Sports is the first to bring you exclusive previews of the future. The Street Pressure Network has never had a case of the vapors. Our job is to showcase talent in the early stages. SP Sports will highlight prep Basketball stars from all around the country. Our next feature and scouting report is on 6’2 point guard/off guard Talib Hamiliton II from Wilson Academy in Conyers, GA.  The class of 2023 guard is a smooth left hander with a knack for getting to the basket with a very aggressive first step. Many opponents had their “ankles broke” and were left behind while Talib crashed the hoop. Hamilton II junior stats were limited because of a leg injury last season. The transfer from the highly ranked Sandy Creek High school ( Former school of # 3 overall N.B.A. draft pick Jabari Smith) played 8 games and showed a versatile game, filling up the stat sheet across the board. His steals, rebounds, and assists were above the national average (per playing minutes according to maxpreps.com). Keep in mind that this was in limited games. The upcoming season is around the corner and the 6’2 guard has been working hard on having a strong senior season. In addition to having all purpose guard skills, the Wilson Academy guard wants to display his leadership skills to show coaches, scouts, and basketball officials that having a low turnover, defensive minded, left handed, play-making, scoring guard is a great addition to a College Basketball team. That type of player is unique and will lead futures. Remember, SP Sports is at the cutting edge and early on the scene when spotting greatness.Watch out for the next phase: Talib Hamiliton https://www.instagram.com/talib.hamilton/

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  1. This young king reminds me of the Iceman, George Gervin when he rock that finger-roll! Freezings sucks at 0 degrees!

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