April 13, 2024

Rhyme Sayers Entertainment brings the heat to get you out your seat! DJ Sol Messiah comes with that fire that don’t retire. KXNG Crooked and Sa Roc step to the track with ferocious lyricism to compliment this thumper. The beat gods must have tapped Sol Messiah on the shoulder and gave him the thumbs up. The listeners will leave highly satisfied with the skills and knowledge dropped in the cut. The title “God Complex” is a s dope as the song itself. Check it out

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2 thoughts on “Sol Messiah – GOD CMPLX feat. KXNG Crooked & Sa-Roc (Official Video)

  1. Banger!! Dope production from Sol Messiah, and of course Kxng Crooked and SaRoc doing master classes on lyrical assassinations!! Great exposure Street Pressure. Haven’t heard this one on other outlets. Salute! ???

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