May 30, 2024

Paragon Film Music is a premiere, all-encompassing film and television music entertainment firm based in Los Angeles, California. Paragon specializes in music supervision, original music development and synchronization licensing. The goal of Paragon Film Music team s to enhance the clients’ artistic and commercial visions by providing unparalleled music supervision services. 

The Paragon team brings 20+ years of industry experience combined with a wealth of urban knowledge to its projects. Synchronization Licensing, Project Management, On-Camera Supervision,Talent Acquisition,Added Incentives (Identify ancillary revenue streams for musical components (marketing tie-ins, strategic partnerships, soundtracks, digital distribution and streaming). 

Throughout the years, Paragon Film Music has distinguished itself as a progressive leader in music supervision services by providing production companies, producers and directors with a professional effective vehicle to deliver their products to the consumer. The team has mastered the skills to over deliver within budget, without sacrificing the integrity and quality of the project. This is where our focus on Jabari Ali comes to play. Mr. Ali has been a major force in the musical spectrum of Paragon Films. He represents a strong and genuine reflection of the community he comes from. He keeps his ear and heart connected to the pulse of what moves people in music and works tirelessly to better his company. Jabari has a communal view of art and business, which is refreshing in a business where there are so many sharks. His track record speaks for itself as he was a driving element in making some of the major films of the day. Watch for more work from Paragon Film Music and keep it funky as you enjoy America’s favorite pass-time!

 Wu-Tang: An American Saga -TV Series – 2022
• Infinite (Paramount Pictures) – Post Production – 2021
• Rob Peace (Fuqua Films/Sugar Peace Productions) – Pre-Production – 2021
• South Central Love (Christina Cooper Productions/ViacomCBS Media Networks – 2019
• David Makes Man (OWN/Warner Horizon) – TV Series – 20 episodes) – 2019 – Current
• The Equalizer 2 (Sony Picture Entertainment/Columbia Pictures) – 2018
• Shots Fired (20th Century Fox/Imagine Entertainment – TV Series – 10 episodes) – 2017
• New York Times Magazine’s annual Great Performers Short virtual – reality films – 2016
• The Kids From 62–F (Infinite Stories Entertainment Group) – 2015
• Ammo: 52 Blocks – (Undisputed Cinema/BET-Documentary) – 2014
• Gun Hill – (Black Entertainment Television Network) – 2013
• One Night In Vegas – (ESPN/30 for 30 Films/Undisputed Cinema-Documentary) – 2010
• Brooklyn Finest – (Overture Films/New Millennium Films) – 2009
• G-Trification – (Goddess Entertainment-Short film) –2008
• Road To The Riches – (Educational Documentary) – 2008
• Daddy’s Girl – Laila Ali (Undisputed Cinema/TV One-Documentary) –2007
• Reflections – (Scenarios USA/BET-Rap It Up) – 2007
• Waist Deep – (Focus Features/Rogue/Universal Pictures) – 2006
• Biker Boyz – (Dreamworks Pictures) – 2003
• Training Day (Music Consultant) – 2001
• Where Music Meets Film: Live from Sundance (Sundance) – 1999

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  1. Great content. Glad to see this site is back and highlighting excellence in urban communities, as displayed by brother Jabari Ali. Looking forward to more pieces like this.

  2. Yo I’m loving that Wu-Tang show! Great music! And the music from the Equalizer 1 and 2 is crazy!! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Jabari Ali and Paragon.

  3. This is inspiring! The man had a real story. Getting shot so young and then having to navigate “South Central Street University” and still win….remarkable! We need to hear more stories like this to let our young people know that there are many things we can do to advance ourselves and not let the streets be our best friend. The “hard knocks” he talked about are real. It’s what you do about it that matters. I hope Mr. Ali good fortune on his travels.

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