July 17, 2024

From: CA, United States Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, Trip Hop, Alternative Rock/Rap https://www.solarpanelmusic.com/http://itunes.apple.com/album/idhttp://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1386… There is no secret as to why Eternal Meazure has had a unique influence on the underground Hip-Hop music scene. In over 10 years of being away from the music biz, the evolutionary sounds of this diverse hip hop duo have been on the cutting edge of progressive hip hop since the early 90’s. Since Eternal Meazure’s debut release on wax in 1999, they have since digitally released “Reign Supreme” which include songs like Radiation and Declaration feat. Self Scientific. Upon the massive growth of the Internet, Social Media, and Digital Music Distribution over the past 10 years, Eternal Meazure continues to fulfill a demand for rare alternative sounds. Eternal Meazure group members Nah’L and T-zone have been closely related to all aspects of hip-hop including Break Dancing, Graffiti art, D.J. ing and emceeing since 1982. Formulated out of Carson California, the two long time b-boy partners teamed up after a classic break dancing battle in 1983 where after they formed a group called “New City Crew”. In 1991 the duo teamed up again to form Eternal Meazure, this time for a fierce display of esoteric battle rhymes combined with unique production. The group first gained underground recognition while attending Clark Atlanta University where they teamed up with a network of DJ’s and Emcee’s called the “S.O.L.A.R. Panel”. The network consisted of groups from cities all over the U.S. including Boston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Fortunately this network had exclusive access to a popular underground radio show called “The Panther Power Hour” 89.3 which was hosted by “Dedan Skills”, S.O.L.A.R. Panel founder and a close associate and long time friend of Tupac Shakur. This allowed Eternal Meazure to gain underground exposure and respect from fellow peers in the hip hop community. In 1996 Eternal Meazure made its debut appearance on wax with Nah’L as the featured emcee on Self Scientific’s independent release “Run the Depth” produced by Dj Khalil and “Degrees”. Within months the record became an underground classic which led the two groups to Japan where they performed shows while soliciting vinyl. As a result, the group gained local as well as international recognition for a new and future trend of hip-hop. Three years later in 1999, Eternal Meazure independently released 1000 copies of their debut LP “Reign Supreme”. Within six months, the group caught the ear of the famed Bay Area vinyl distributor Benny B. of ABB Records. This would then lead to a vinyl distribution deal paving the way for Eternal Meazure to travel overseas performing in countries such as France, Japan, and Amsterdam. In their travels, the group would go on to attend the Midem Convention in Cannes/Nice France in January of 2000 which resulted in Eternal Meazure becoming one of the pioneering acts to independently cut an international digital distribution deal, with then startup CD NOW, who was later bought out by Apple’s Itunes Music. During the same year Eternal Meazure was also recognized by revolutionary internet radio station “Bring the Noise.com”, founded by legendary hip hop group Public Enemy. Eternal Meazure’s “Radiation” would then debut at #2 on the BTN top 10 charts. With the surge of internet music downloads and digital distribution, Eternal Meazure’s presence is felt around the world with a sound that is still rare yet relevant in today’s music scene. Eternal Meazure can now be heard on Social Media sites such as Myspace Music, Facebook, Youtube as well as digital music distribution sites such as Itunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody. Today, Etermal Meazure continues to innovate, working to meet the demands of its core fanbase while winning new fans on a world stage. Stay tuned……



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