July 17, 2024

“The Calling” is on Hollywood Kill’s 3rd album titled Psychowave.



Based in LA, the duo’s music is influenced by Psychobilly, Darkwave, Surf Rock, 60?s Pop and Electro. Hollywood Kill makes mid to up-tempo dance and rock songs.

An integral part of the Hollywood Kill sound is the contrast between Karen’s seductive, and playful voice and Greg’s deep, possessed singing style. The songs are mostly in English, with some Spanish lyrics on songs like “A Whole New Me & You”, “So Abruptly”, “This Way”, and “Hideout”.

The musical arrangement is mostly made up of vintage synths, organs, electric guitar, bass guitar, and big gritty drums. Their dark music hints at sexuality and danger. Some are lyrically abstract while others descriptive and full of imagery.

Their look is 60’s Mod, Psychedelic Rock, Psychobilly, and Punk.

“There is a new group called Hollywood Kill that has been creating a buzz around LA. They have a vibe like no other I have seen here before.” Adrian Sydney, Bartabz.com

“This is the next group for us all to be paying attention to.”

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