July 17, 2024

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“An interview with our CEO, Carlos Cerda aka DJ Droops:

How did Out Da House Productions come about? What is your role & your vision?

Out Da House Productions was first established about 5 years ago, approximately during October 2007. Basically I Carlos Cerda allies Dj. Droops aka Mc. Brainstorm was a rapper/DJ in Santa Ana, California since about the late 90’s. I felt there was no platform in Orange County for artist to perform here and so I took it into my own hands. I started off as a DJ and performer but ultimately ended up getting forced into the Promoter and CEO position. There were a couple of promoters in the area that would do Hip Hop shows but they had a bad reputation. So I began doing “Open Mic Nite” at my Moms bar “La Pachanga” located in Santa Ana off Sullivan and Edinger. The location only fit about 60 Capacity but it was perfect to get a buzz going. We invited all likes of Hip Hop and Rap artist. We did not discriminate toward any specific style of Music, we even had R&B singers come by and sing solos. At first we only attracted about 20-30 people at first but with the backing of artist that would come regularly and our sponsor Napsac, we began to attract over 60-80 people after a few months. The 1st headliners we brought there were Krazy Race, Sicko Soldado, Olmeca, and 2Mex of the Visonaries. After a year we began to out grow the spot and moved on to Santa Ana’s very own Malone’s Bar and Grill located off Main and Dyer. The location fit about 150 Capacity and was a perfect fit for what we had in mind. Our vision was to bring big Headliners and provide a platform for open acts to show their talent. During this time we began to plot and bring other headliners because I was working at the time so I began to invest my funds into new Headliners. We booked such Headliners as RBX, Sly Boogy, Awol One, Tash of The Liks, which are just a few to mention. We quickly began to pack out the spot and Out Da House was getting known. Shortly after Out Da House Productions began our own radio show “Minority Report” & “True Spitters Radio” off Main & 4th Street at Beat Lounge Studios so that we could promote our Shows and Artist. I worked together with Alfonso Montes aka Overdose, Ratio, Rufi-Yo, X, 2-1 and few others. We featured such artist as Cashis of Shady Records, Stylistik Jones of The Likwit Krew, RBX, which are just a few to mention. Out Da House Production continued on for about 2 years until the locations lease was up. 2008 was also a successful year. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 we continued on with our legacy to Continue on bringing quality Hip Hop shows to Orange County. During these years mentioned we began to incorporate the 4 elements of Hip Hop, which are DJing, Emceeing, B-boys and Graffiti Art on canvas as well as body paint. This allowed more attention to Out Da House Productions and our events as well as incorporate the different elements. While bringing these elements into our shows, it attracted managers of bigger headliners to discover us and request a booking. Through out these 3 years we were privileged to work with Ras Kass, Chino XL, Defari, Roc C, Oh No, Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience, Talib Kweli, Kurupt, Masta Ace, Warren G, Dead Prez, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, which are just a few to mention. Through out this time we contributed toward the expansion of Malones from a Capacity of 150, to 300 Capacity, & most recently about 500 Capacity through our success.

Out Da House shows prominent support to the Hip-Hop culture and genre, how important is this factor to Out The House productions?

Out Da House Productions shows do support the Hip-Hop culture and genre due to how important these elements are for the Youth. It is vital that people understand where Hip Hop came from and how it began. Many pioneer’s of the earlier generations, when Hip Hop began, used the Hip Hop Elements to escape the Gangster lifestyle. Some of them began break dancing, MCing, DJing or doing Graffiti Art. Most recently Out Da House Productions has also contributed support toward different genres of Hip Hop such as Gangster Rap and Hyphy type music as well to contribute toward the different cultures and to give different opportunity toward up and coming artist. This is not to say Out Da House Productions gave up on just Hip Hop, we still continue to do Hip Hop shows, Out Da House Productions just wanted to offer different flavors of shows. Through all the years Out Da House Events have offered opportunity to display their talent and gain exposure by networking with different artist, managers, promoters, radio shows, and to build different fan bases.

What was the motive behind working alongside the Observatory to bring eclectic and diverse Hip Hop artists into Santa Ana? Do you feel like the Hip Hop scene wasn’t as active in our city?

What motivated me to work along side with The Observatory was because it was an All Ages venue (which I’ve never worked with). I figured this would allow me to work with young talented artist to perform on my shows such as Sage One and Phora, which are just a few to mention. I wanted to be able give them the same opportunity that I had given to others artist in previous years. Plus I new many young fans that have always wanted to come to an Out Da House Event.
The Observatory talent buyer/promoter “Club Mercy” is the one who found me. We had been friends on FaceBook for a long time and I assume he was watching all the shows I was doing in Santa Ana. I believe he was doing big shows out in the LA and San Diego area before he came to Santa Ana but I’m not exact. I believe he started working in Santa Ana when the Galaxy transformed into the New Observatory Orange County. I was contacted Via FaceBook and email as far as getting involved for promotions, booking, and possible collaboration shows. I agreed to meet up with the talent buyer to check out the new renovations and was impressed so I gave it a shot.
The first show I helped out with was the Dj Quik & Suga Free, which was a Huge Success! This was one of the biggest shows I’ve ever been involved with. Soon after I helped on bookings & promotions with such artist as GZA of Wu-Tang, E-40 & Kurupt of DPG, Psycho Realm, Slaughter House, Nipsey Hustle, which are just a few to mention. Santa Ana always has a Hip Hop scene but this was my opportunity to take it to the next level and keep it as active then it was before in previous years.”-http://outdahouse.com/

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