February 21, 2024

“Lyrics Copyright 2013 Aisha Sekhmet Music


We gone pop champagne like Oprah
Fly in private airplanes like Oprah
We gone have a lot a things like Oprah- don’t ya know?
Rich and now paid like….


Kanye & Jay-Z gone start a distribution company
Beyonce & Kelly putting schools in our community
T.D. Jakes bout to buy a black Wall Street
And we gone be rich like Oprah

[Verse 1]

Lil Wayne and Baby bought a nation for us
It came with oil wells, fuel reserves and grocery stores (we eating)
Transportation and housing manufacturers
Fuck a record label; we a black power empire
Nobody stealing, nobody jealous of yours
Nobody hungry, no black bodies in morgues
We love each other so much we smashed our rivals
Bout that life of black unity- black heart of survival
Diddy invested in the textile no dirty laundry
Dr. Dre linked with Africa for a new currency
50 Cent tripled every contribution match
And the European Union couldn’t even relax
They couldn’t get close to touch us or try to shoot shit down
We got the gas ovens and some secret dark carbon weapons
A bitch couldn’t get a chance to think cause we came swooping we royal (Heru)
No threat of mixing blood and them motherfuckers never destroyed us


[Verse 2]

Ok- we gone finally get away from the white folks
And say everything we been scared to say for years (get free)
Tyler Perry bought a black media dynasty
And every channel gone expose a whole gang of shit (we coming)
Bow Wow and Wendy Williams live at 6 o’ clock
And everybody tuned in so we could hear them talk
They interviewed Will Smith and he asked for forgiveness
Apologized for what he did in 6 Degrees of Separation
And Lil Kim and Nicki came on at 8
Spitting knowledge- no silicone- no hair that’s fake (like Assata)
And Gucci Mane and Tavis Smiley made street documentaries
About George Jackson & the Black Guerilla Family (black power)
Young Jeezy shit was #1 on the countdown
Black Bullets in the Cracker- that’s his new album with T.I. (revolution)
And Rick Ross gone guard all the gates of our nation, trill perimeter
Officer in charge, like Oprah Winfrey we getting it



We rewrote history- the future is ours
Impeach the black president
Look down- look skyward
As above so below; the more we think, we grow
To be continued…
Rich like Oprah; we gone be rich like Oprah”


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