July 17, 2024

“Since 2009, The Marvel Inc. has gained fans around the world as the Jerk Movement mainstreams and continues to flourish

across the Internet. The Marvel Inc.’s fusion of Jerkn’, rapping, pop hooks and hip-hop swag has made them a musical and

dancing phenomenon. The teen quartet – Duce, Bravo, Johnny and Showtime have become a hit with fans across the world

receiving over 14 million views on YouTube making them an instant internet sensation.

The group was formed by Los Angeles natives Duce and Bravo in 2009. Originally they met on the set of a video shoot where they

were auditioning for the same role, but became friends over their common love for Jerkn’ and rapping. The group changed

members a few times and by 2010 Johnny and Showtime would join to form the group we know today as The Marvel Inc. That

year The Marvel Inc. went on to win the 2010 Showdown LA Jerk Competition and then released an internet single with Young

Sam & Marvel Inc. titled “69 Me Remix” that received over 1.8 million views to date.

Riding their success, The Marvel Inc. auditioned for MTV’s Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew in 2011. They were

accepted to be a part of the show, however their management could not agree to terms and the group missed out on the

opportunity. Yet it’s the struggles behind the scenes that The Marvel Inc. wants to share with their fans. Through group changes,

management disputes, group disagreements, personalities and life’s challenges overall The Marvel Inc. wants their fans to know

they are committed to providing excitement, entertainment and a great show. “We want to leave our fans thoroughly entertained

and always wanting for more”, says Johnny.

As the masterminds of The Marvel Inc., they write and produce all of their music. You can always catch Duce in the studio

learning to use the equipment and eager to produce the next hit. While they’ve always been a fan of rap music, The Marvel Inc.

began rapping around the age of 13. It’s their true passion for the Jerk culture that inspires their music. They realized early on

that they would keep entering dance competitions and casting for auditions, or they could make their own hits to perform. Each

member then taught themselves how to rap and over the past few years they have spent several hours in the studio perfecting

their craft. Showtime, a natural performer, “just wants to dance”.

The Marvel Inc. continues to enter dance competitions when feasible and placed second in the 2011 Jerk All Stars Competition

sponsored by Sprite. In 2012, The Marvel Inc. had their big screen debut appearance in “We the Party” produced by Mario Van

Peeples. Though they are focused on making music, The Marvel Inc. aspires to add acting to their repertoire. “Our goal is simply

to entertain audiences across the world”, says Bravo. Especially during these tough times The Marvel Inc. wants to bring smiles to

kids face and see them have fun.

In June of 2012, The Marvel Inc. decided to part ways with their previous management and signed a deal with local independent

label Popular Entertainment and Damuer H. Leffridge. Popular executives Fizz and Boog of former boy band B2K know all about

being a successful group and share the benefits of their group experience with The Marvel Inc.

Now aligned with the Popular company brand, The Marvel Inc. is working on their first mixtape entitled “Teenage Wasteland” to be

released in 2013. As they embark on their next chapter of their career The Marvel Inc. stands to be the example that with hard

work and dedication dreams can come true. The Marvel Inc. is comprised of five inner city boys that have managed to come

together, overcome adversity and against all odds pursue their dream of entertaining people across the world. Showtime

concludes, “We love our fans and we are our fans; we love Jerkn’ and entertaining people. We are nothing without our fans

support; it keeps us humble, loyal and inspired to keep going for our dreams. I’m here to give hope to all the regular teenagers like

me that never really fit in, and get bullied to never give up, stay focused and believe in your dreams.”

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