February 21, 2024

“Durrty Byrd Digga has a particular heart for music and a drive to Live Free while doing it. Born in Atlanta, Ga (Grady Baby) Charles Webb would soon in his youth transplant to the streets of westside Chicago *TriggaTown* where he would spend most of his years growing up when not back in the native Georgia roots he has. Ever since Mr. Webb was young he loved to draw, dance, perform, and use his imagination and creativity to allow him a gateway from the reality of the hood he resided. It wasnt until 2005 when Durrty Byrd Digga would enviably emerge as an EMCEE from the mind of Mr. Webb from the very day he decided to rap looking at it as a new art form and both outlet for his creativity. Reconnecting his roots Durrty ventured back to Atlanta after creating demos with a rap group by the name of “Faculty”. Since he’s developed a clear head and conscious business mind of where he sees his music out here in the world for the powers that may be.”

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