July 17, 2024

“Miss Lyrical (Donna Michelle Green) is an artist with creativity that is sure to blow you away. She was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. Miss Lyrical wrote her first rap at the age of 7. Today, she is not only a rap artist but also a producer, a clothing designer, and a photographer. Back in 2005 she started a label with two other artists Broddie Green and Nitro. The three artists started a group named The 3rd Dynasty. The group was very successful but after 7 years, the members decided to depart and go their separate ways but still keeping New Skool Entertainment together.”- http://newskool4life.wordpress.com


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3 thoughts on “Street Pressure music “Miss Lyrical”

  1. S/o to Miss Lyrical this is the only artist I know that works so hard all day every day Look out one of the coldest #NSE= New Skool Entertainment

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