July 17, 2024

“We were once human robotz in a programmed society, being manipulated by money, but now we seek liberation… Liberation to fulfill our dreamz… We R Doebotz…

Doebotz are people who understands that true motivation can not only be money. If you have a positive underlying motivation i.e., providing a better future for you family, making positive changes within yourself, giving back to your community, or anything that is sincerely honest and from your soul, will make you Doebotz. If your underlying passion is your driving force, and you want to be financially stable or rich beyond your wildest dreams you can do it. Although “money” can be a useful tool in accomplishing anything you set your mind to acquire, the importance still remains in becoming an internal TRILLIONIARE, without question. Sorry if I am coming across preachy, but this is very serious to me. My goals are to continuously lead by example, teach empowerment, and prove that the good DOEBOTZ do not finish last. I vow to giveback to my communities, and I will continuously find ways to enrich those willing to learn with positive & helpful information that will equip them with the tools needed to become successful. DOEBOTZ is more than a hot clothing line; we are a way of thinking. We don’t just sell hot clothes, we teach empowerment, and give back to those who need…
But don’t get it twisted because we will constantly snap necks with the hottest fashion globally. If you find this to be far-fetched, consider yourself a certified ROBOT!

-Cornell “Corey” Summers

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Team Doebotz
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Sterling, Va 20165
United States
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We are dropping more fall/winter items throughout this November. Mainly Logo driven Crew Neck Sweatshirts and Hoodies, along with a variety of t-shirts we already offer. We are looking forward to a new infusion of capital in the beginning months of 2013. This will allow us to build our arsenal of graphic design work/production and increase our over all product line. This is a very promising time for the Doebotz Brand, with our eye’s on many new brick and mortar retailers picking up the Doebotz Brand throughout the United States and abroad. We have been making online sales to various markets across the United States, along with Canada, the UK, and South America. The response we receive from our new friends/customers is that “they see something big to come”… and I tell them, “I could not have said that better myself”! We greatly appreciate all the support we have received. Without them, there is no us! Doebotz STAND UP!

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