July 17, 2024

“Known as “Little Mutulu,” Mopreme Shakur was born to political activist father Mutulu Shakur and mother Sharan Harding in South Jamaica, Queens. He was raised in South Jamaica for most of his life with the exception of a few years as a child, when Mopreme lived with his father Mutulu, his father’s wife Afeni and their son, Mopreme’s baby brother, Tupac in Harlem.

Their father’s activity with the Black Panthers and his role in exposing the Cointelpro Papers that brought to light the series of FBI counterintelligence programs from 1956-1971 that were designed to create dissidence and division within the Civil Rights Movement sent Mutulu into hiding and separated Mopreme and Tupac from each other. But stars are destined to shine and fate was already written that the two would draw on their father’s legacy to create history together as urban prophets.”-http://mopremeshakur.com/

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