February 20, 2024

“R.I.M.E., A.K.A. Jeremy Wilson, grew up on Detroit’s West side with greatness on his mind. His musical journey started back in 2001, when some high school friends were starting a record label. What started as a freestyle session, turned into membership of the label. Soon after, R.I.M.E. became Executive Producer of the label. From 2002-2004, R.I.M.E., alongside Twist (CEO of Twisted Productions), mastered their craft in the studio, in business relations, and ended up releasing a compilation called “Twisted World” in 2005. Shortly after the release, R.I.M.E. left music and branched off into Acting. Surprisingly, he experienced a level of success doing stage plays. During this process a burning passion for music reemerged. He tried to fight the desire to write and compose more music, not only for others, but for himself. His Captivating word play and stage presence has proved R.I.M.E. (Righteous.Indivdual.Making.an End) to truly be a Force to be reckoned with. From the Bars to the Churches, his lyrics impact the hearts of the people. “Soon the doors will open and the World will feel the Power”, says R.I.M.E. Stay tuned……”-http://rimemusicnews.blogspot.com/

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