April 17, 2024

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Tenina Stevens BKA Suga-T is a native of Vallejo, CA. Growing up with five brothers always kept her full of life and willing to take chances. She teen parented two children and faced many challenges. Teen parenting, domestic violence, violent behavior, gun violence, alcoholism, low self-esteem and later music male chauvinism all took form at one point in her life. Life challenges gave her a chance to become an overcomer motivating her to gain her own independence in the music industry as an executive producer and founder of Hip Hop Mom Productions. She became a well-known and well respected national artist, executive producer, actress, speaker and song writer. After getting enough strength to leave an abusive relationship and unhealthy music brand, she used her creativity to go back to school completing an AA in Business and BA in Psychology. This strong but sweet icon worked her way to become a fragrance production company of Suga T Fragrance while serving as a motivational speaker with a focus on youth and families empowering women and girls to reach their highest potential. This nontraditional fragrance production company is a support to social causes as well as character building opportunities. Suga-T Fragrances highlights the “Sprinkle Me Collection,” named after her and her brother E-40’s Multiplatinum Hit. “Sprinkle Me” is a Guinness Book friendly item as the biggest brother and sister duet ever in history!

Suga-T joined her family’s recording label Sick Wid It Records as an executive and artist. During her over twenty years with (brothers E-40, D-Shot and cousin B-Legit) The Click, she showcased her catchy phrases; writing numerous hooks of song and rap which have become urban anthems such as Hurricane, One Love, Sprinkle Me and Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Initially, the group released a single entitled Captain Save A Hoe, street anthem and Billy Bad which was a social conscious message (addressing black on black crime) to the underground that established a loyal fan base. The group received a national underground following that enabled them to sale over 250,000 units independently. Furthermore, this positioned Suga-T and The Click as highly respected musical figures with an enormous and constant following. The Click collectively sold over 20 million copies during their 7 years with Jive Records on albums, soundtracks, features, and solo projects with music in rotation in media outlets all over the world. In 2011 she received the Legend Award, Humanitarian Award and Best Rapper Award. Suga-T can be considered one of the Godmothers of Hip Hop continuing to build her own individual following. After 25 years in the music and entertainment industry, Suga-T is still holding it down and heading Northern California’s female hip-hop movement. She calls her style of Hip Hop, responsible Hip Hop and will continue to create Hip Hop, inspirational, gospel, rock, jazz, R&B, neo soul, pop expressing to her fans growth and innovation!

Suga-T’s followers are also familiar with her acting abilities as she co-starred in D-Shots movie Obstacles, MTV’s Lyricist Lounge Show and Brian Hooks Maliboodie. After recently releasing two mixed cd’s found on Itunes, The Game Needs Me and Return of Suga, her new album “Woman” On both sides of the Game” will be a classic. She has incorporated her talent as a songwriter, singer, performer and writer all in one. The dramatic presentation will be the talk of the nation. In actuality, the world needs a resilient and compelling voice to challenge today’s issues. When referring to “The Game Needs Me,” Suga-T means that the hip-hop game needs a voice that doesn’t only sale drugs, alcohol, violence and sex in their music and lifestyle but that isn’t scared to present realness and love to balance it all out! This is why The Game Needs Suga-T, a West Coast pioneer, a female Don, and a true Hip-Hop Mom. For more information: Contact IBSC at 888 436 0574, www.suga-t.net or hiphopmomproductions@yahoo.com.

On Film
Content- Suga T has co-starred in movies like MTV Lyricist Lounge Show Sitcom, Obstacles Movie on BET directed by D Shot , Maliboodie by Brian Hooks and other TV features as a personality, interviewee, writer, voiceover, creator and/or producer.”

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