February 21, 2024

“Rapping, singing, modeling and acting with equal passion, Mik is both introspective and energetic, fusing a unique appeal of focus and emotion.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, her career in entertainment began as a child, modeling and acting. Upon moving to Southern California, Mik quickly booked several commercials and landed a recurring role on NYPD Blue. It was at this time she also began writing poetry. After high school she put her acting career on hold to attend UC Berkeley where she received a BA in Cognitive Science. Committed to pursuing a career in entertainment, she released the collaborative album SexyPimpFunk through Inner Perspective Music under the moniker, The FJs. Shortly thereafter, she achieved further commercial and print success in campaigns for clients such as Toyota, AT&T, 24 Hour Fitness and ProActiv. Television, film, and theater roles followed suit. She recently wrapped the independent film “Rampage Superstar”, as well as the daytime hit “The Young & The Restless”.

Arriving in Downtown LA in late 2009, Mik began production of her forthcoming debut solo album, “The Gem Jams: A Collection of Carefully Crafted, Multi-Faceted Classics”. Hip-hop, pop, funk, electro, and old school flavor with a modern finish combine to create a sound most easily classified as “Pop-Rap”. Vocally, Mik delivers sassy-chic in a singsong rap bravado. She is a true lyricist, relying on character and intellect, presenting a rare example of the ?long-lost female MC.

Striving for the best, never settling for less and following through on everything is her standard agenda. As a strong female with an independent mindset reflected in her lifestyle, business acumen and music, she sets an example for woman who desire success on their own terms.”-http://www.missmikbrown.com/

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